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Bay Park

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Bay Park


P-Prepare car

O-Observations (look over both shoulders)



The manoeuvre will only take place at test centre at the start or end of test. The choice of bay will be up to you.


Pull forward out of bay and steer either left or right and position car not too close to the bay.


Handbrake on.  Apply reverse.


All round observations.


If safe, look out rear window and reverse slowly back.


Until personal reference point is level with the line before the bay.


Steer full lock 1 ½ turns in direction of bay.


At around 1 o’clock angle you should see left line.


Wait for the space to develop - roughly one foot (at this point if you are not in the bay pull forward and reverse in straight line into bay).


Straighten wheel.


Look out rear window and continue to the end of the bay.


Remember all four wheels must be between the lines if not you can drive forward and readjust then reverse back into bay.