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Parallel Park

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Parallel Park (parking between 2 parked cars)


P-Prepare car




Slowly move off and align with target car.


1 metre’s width from car and stop - door mirror to door mirror.


Before stopping re-check main mirror and be prepared to indicate.


Handbrake on.  Select reverse gear.


Prepare car.  All round observations.


Move car very slowly.  Steer left, one turn.  


Until car reaches 2 o’clock.


Steer right, one turn.


Reverse back in a straight line until next reference point (be aware of camber).


Full lock to the right 1 ½ turns.


Watch out for kerb in left mirror then appearing gap.


Look ahead and when straight steer to the left, 1.5 turns, to straighten car.


Reverse back enough so you can get out easily.


Manoeuvre must be completed within two car lengths.