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Reverse Round The Corner

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Reverse Round The Corner


P-Prepare car




You will be asked to park just before the junction.


Move off slowly.  As passing the juction look left to confirm if safe to complete manoeuvre and identify type of corner, i.e sweeping (1/2 turn) sharp (3/4 turn)


Line up car with kerb, roughly 30cm width and two car lengths from corner


Check rear mirror and indicate if needed before stopping.


Handbrake on.  Select reverse gear and cancel indicator, if applied.


Prepare car.  All round observations.


Look out rear window.  Release handbrake, and reverse back in a straight line (regular checks forward) until kerb disappears from rear window and pause car.


All round observations.


Steer left 1/2 turn for sweeping or ¾ for sharp corner.


Steer quarter turns, left or right, as needed to keep set distance from corner.


Every few seconds, observations, and be prepared to pause car.


As car finishes round corner slow down and be prepare to steer right to straighten car.  


Reverse back ¾ car lengths in a straight line making adjustments as needed.


The secret of this manoeuvre is control of speed. So you always know where you are from the kerb and know what cars are doing around you.